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August 8, 2007

We would like to propose our Payroll & Human Resource Outsourcing Services to your Company.  We believe that with our in-house IT expertise coupled with our experience in HR and payroll outsourcing, we will be able to provide the best HR and Payroll outsourcing services to your Company.

Monthly Payroll Administration:
• Collection and processing of payroll and human resource information
• Input of basic salaries, increments, bonuses and allowances
• Banking and statutory submission services
• Preparation of required statutory and management reports including Form E /EA
Monthly Expenses Claims Administration:
• Expense claims verification to be carried out based on client’s criteria
• Preparation of expense claims report for payroll and accounting purposes
• Follow up and verify with employees on claims that are not clear, not according to policies & procedures.
• Attend to enquiries relating to employees’ claims

Monthly Leave Administration:
• Tracking and updating of employees’ leaves
• Preparation of monthly leave reports
• Attend to enquiries relating to employees’ leaves
• Computation of leave balances for resigned/terminated employees
• Ensure leaves are accrued/forfeited based on company’s policies

Maxis Corporate Mobile Line Administration:
• Follow up on payments to avoid lines from being barred
• Suspension / termination of corporate lines for resigned / terminated employees
• Activation / application of corporate lines for new employees
• Ensure new SIM cards are provided to relevant employees through their department head
• Preparation of letters to resigned / terminated employees for conversion to individual lines (upon approval from client’s management)

AIA Insurance Claims Management:
• Ensure all confirmed employees are registered with AIA medical cards
• Follow up on outstanding employees not registered with AIA medical cards
• Collation of non-AIA panel claims not paid
• Ensure AIA medical cards with errors are rectified

Other Personnel Administration Function:
• Issuing personnel related letters and memos per client’s management requirements (management to provide content of letters and memos)
• Filing of employees’ personnel files


(a)  The computation of Client payroll will be carried out in strict confidence by our staff. You can be sure of the confidentiality of the payroll data as the Password in the software system is only accessible to authorised staff handling Client’s payroll.
On a monthly basis, Synergyst will process payroll and provide a set of standard payroll reports, based on information provided to us, namely, new hires, resignations, salary revisions, bonus, incentive/commission and any other fixed or one-time allowances and deductions.
Upon confirmation of draft reports by Client, Synergyst will provide a set of Standard Payroll Reports as per Client designated instructions, for Client records. Individual security payslips for the staff will also be given.
(b) Our payroll service provides an efficient and timely preparation of Client payroll. You only need to provide us with the input data on each of the staff by completing an Employee Master Record Form.
Synergst will render the additional services of assisting the Client in screening the information provided by the Client, such as overtime and medical claims, to ensure that they are in accordance with the Client’s company’s policies and procedures, and statutory regulations.

A time schedule will be agreed between Synergyst and the Client, stipulating the datelines for :
• Submission of data ( employees’ information / allowances/ deductions/ resignations/ new hiring/ etc)  to Binary;
• Submission of reports to the Client for vetting before finalisation of payroll;
• Preparation of funds and payment of salary to employees via bank accounts or other means;
• Submission of reports to the Client for record keeping;
• Issuance of cheques by the Client as payment to statutory bodies

(c) Synergyst will also submit monthly deduction and contributions for the local staff together with the relevant documentation to the relevant authorities like Employees Provident Fund, Socso, the Inland Tax, HRDF, Zakat, Tabung Haji and ASB/ASN, on Client behalf.

(d) Synergyst will provide the necessary printout for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Socso and Income Tax , HRDF, Zakat, Tabung Haji, ASB/ASN contributions and deductions for submission to the respective boards.

(e) Yearly, Synergyst will prepare the Form E (Employer’s Return) and Form EA (Employee’s Return) for submission to the Inland Revenue Board at the end of the year. A copy of the Form EA  will be given to the individual employees for their personal submission, together with the PCB 2 (II).

(f) For any employment of new staff or resignation, Synergyst will submit all relevant documentation to the relevant authorities on Client behalf.

(g) Synergyst will prepare all standard payroll reports, after each payroll period, and they are as follows:
• Payslips
• Payroll summary
• Allowance and Deduction reports
• Overtime reports and Shift Allowance Reports (if any)
• Salary Reconciliation Report
• Bank listing
• Payroll Journals
• List of employees due for confirmation
• All statutory forms  (example EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax, HRDF, Tabung Haji, etc)

(h) Should you have many companies under one group of companies, Synergyst is able to print out consolidated reports for management decision purposes.

(i)  On an ad-hoc basis, Synergyst will prepare necessary reports requested by the Client, but within the capability of Human Resource Information System software.

Please call us at +6 03-23301139 or visit  http://www.synergysts.com for complete details.

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